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Chanell, Keira, Mocha & Sabina's scorching sexy lesbian session!

Description: Two lesbian couples (Mocha Menage and Keira Croft plus Sabina Rouge and Chanell Heart) are finishing up hanging out following a dinner party. The guest couple, Sabina and Chanell, prepare to leave but are shocked to discover how early it is. How can they be feeling tired when it's not even 9:00 PM yet? The two couples realize that they've become boring and predictable. They settle back in and reminisce about when they were more adventurous, including a time where they all had sex together. Chanell becomes inspired and suggests they have a foursome like old times, to prove they can still be adventurous. Sabina and the host couple are shocked, but also intrigued. After some initial hesitation because of nerves, they all agree. They start off with some kisses, then get undressed to rub and taste each other's pussies in all sorts of positions. As their energy continues to build, it soon becomes clear that they definitely still know how to have fun!
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